Rivers of Babylon

Pamela and Solly Solomon

Pamela Solomon is a Secretary/PA and is married to Solly Solomon. Both their sons play musical instruments (the bass trombone and the oboe). Pamela comes from a family of musicians (her father played violin and her aunt the piano in musical evenings with Zubin Mehta's father - himself a violinist). She was born in Bombay, India, of Iraqi Jewish descent and was a key singer in the synagogue choir performing mainly at wedding ceremonies.

Solly Solomon, a qualified ecclesiastical and architectural metal engineer currently employed as a Fire Prevention Consultant, was born in Calcutta, also of Iraqi Jewish descent. His musical interests were nurtured at an early age by his father, Eze Solomon, a leading community figure in the establishment of the first Eastern Jewish Synagogue in North London, and its first cantor thereafter. Solly is very interested in the preservation and expression of the Iraqi musical interpretations of songs performed by the Group and is a very enthusiastic performer along with his wife, Pamela.