Rivers of Babylon
Rivers of Babylon is a group of singers and instrumentalists who specialize in the religious and secular music of the Iraqi (Babylonian) Jewish tradition.
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Rivers of Babylon Compact Discs

The highly acclaimed Rivers of Babylon Compact Disc


Songs of praise in the Iraqi Jewish Tradition.


Highlights from Rivers of Babylon ndia tour on Compact Disc

Rivers of Babylon: Live In India!

Songs of praise in the Iraqi Jewish Tradition - Middle Eastern instrumentals - Bene Israel song in Marathi - Bollywood encore.


A compilation VIDEO-Compact Disc

Remembered Rhythms: Live In India!

featuring performances of
Rivers of Babylon (Iraqi-Jewish diaspora in India & UK),
Sidi Goma (African Sidi community of Gujarat),
D’Bhuyaa Saaj (chutney group from the East India community in Trinidad) at their concerts in New Delhi


The the very latest in the highly acclaimed series of
Rivers of Babylon Compact Discs

From Her Father’s House

A delightful compilation of Iraqi Jewish and Arabic Song.