Rivers of Babylon
Live in India! CD

Listen to the following excerpts:
Yéhi Shalom Béhélénu
Muqaddima Hijâz
Ki Eshmera/Balini
Eliyahu Hanabee
Méra Joota Hai Jaapaanee

Rivers of Babylon:
Live in India!

One of two new Compact Discs compiled from the Remembered Rhythms Rivers of Babylon 7-city tour of India:

AUDIO CD: Rivers of Babylon: Live in India!

Click here for  the VIDEO CD Remembered Rhythms: Live in India – Rivers of Babylon, Sidi Goma and D’Bhuyaa Saaj

The CDs are produced by the American Institute of India Studies and the Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology, Director: Shubha Chaudhury.

This amazing audio CD: Rivers of Babylon: Live in India! is a Compact Disc compilation from the Rivers of Babylon tour of India. It includes items from Remembered Rhythms concerts in Delhi, Kolkata (Calcutta), Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune (Poona) and Mumbai (Bombay). 

The CD includes a 24-page booklet, with illustrations, an introduction to the Jewish diaspora in India and music of the Jews of India, and full song texts and translations, by Sara Manasseh.

The compilation comprises Jewish-Babylonian (Iraqi) songs, Middle-Eastern instrumentals, Bene Israel songs (in Marathi) and a Bollywood number (see items listed below).

Rivers of Babylon: Live in India!
Remembered Rhythms CD Series.

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1   Yéhi Shalom Béhélénu    
2   Muqaddima Hijâz         
3   Ki Eshmérah Shabbath /  
        Balîni-b Balwa  
4   Siméni Rosh ‘Al Kol Oybai   
5   Yom Hashabbâth      
6   Él Éliyyahu             
7   Éliyyahu Hannabee
8   Sinai Sinai Ayyéh Moshéh /  
        Sinai Dongrawar Moshéla
9   Émeth Ata Hathanénu 
10  Ya Nâbi             
11  Longa Nahawand      
12  Méra Joota Hai Jaapaanee,   
      Phir Bhi Dil hai Hindustani 

Let There be Peace in our Midst
(Instrumental) Prelude in Hijaz 
Because I Keep the Sabbath /
   He's a plague on me!
Place Me Above All My Foes 
The Sabbath Day  
Lord of Elijah 
Elijah, the Prophet
Sinai, Sinai, where is Moses? /
  Moses, Upon Mount Sinai  
Truly, You are Our Bridegroom 
Oh Prophet  
My Shoes are Japanese,
Still My Heart is Indian 








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