Rivers of Babylon
Treasures CD

Listen to the following excerpts:
k eshmrh shabbth
yom hashabbth
l liyyhu
y nbi

Presenting the highly acclaimed
Rivers of Babylon Compact Disc


Songs of praise in the iraqi Jewish Tradition.

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1  k eshmrh shabbth

Because I keep the Sabbath


2  dror yiqr

Proclaim freedom


3  lohy 'oz thillth

God of strength, my praise


4  yhh ribbn 'lam

Lord, master of the world


5  yom hashabbth

The Sabbath day


6  liyyhu liyyhu

Elijah Elijah! (end of Sabbath)


7  l liyyhu

God of Elijah (end of Sabbath)


8  baln-b balwa

He plagues me with a plague!


9  mth ath hathnnu

Truly, you are our bridegroom


10 smn rosh 'al kol oybai

Place me above my foes (Prm)


11 yom simhh

Day of rejoicing (Simath torh)


12 snai snai

Mount Sinai (Simhath torh)


13 y nbi

Oh Prophet! (Life cycle; Pilgrimage)





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